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2007.06.17 - strider1551 - Release: PyLatin 0.1.5

   Beta approaches! This release supports "fero" and all of its derivations. I need to knock out a few more irregular words, and the beta release will finally be here, including some thorough documentation.

2007.06.09 - strider1551 - Release: PyLatin 0.1.4

   This is a minor but important release. I began implimenting a utility to perform some automated tests on paradigm generation and discovered a bug in third declension neuter nouns. The bug fix should be the only noticable change, although more has went changes have taken place in the code that are not yet visible.

2007.05.09 - strider1551 - Progress Update

   Much to my disappointment, things aren't going to be done as soon as I had hoped. My goal was to make a beta release of PyLatin in early summer and a vocabulary program demonstrating it's capabilities by the end of this summer. I was counting on some funding to take a month off work, but the money went to another student. I'll still be working on everything, but unless money magically appears (*ahemdonatecough*) it will be slow going.

2007.03.29 - strider1551 - Release: PyLatin 0.1.3

   The latest release of PyLatin is available. The most notable change is that dictLookup.Brute() works with macrons (there was a bug in the previous release). Some unique words were also added ("qui, quae, quod" comes to mind). I'm predicting one more release prior to a beta release and some serious documentation.

2007.03.27 - strider1551 - The Website is up

   After putting it off for a few monthes, I finally sat down and put together a web site now that I have begun some serious, quality work. It could still use some polish (like maybe an rss feed for the news), but I'm happy for now.