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   Welcome to The Latin Project. This is a place where the past meets the present. It is our belief that modern technology should facilitate both the study of the Latin language and its use in scholarly work. Moreover, advances made in this realm should be freely given to all who seek it. Our goals are as follows:

1. Provide a Foundation

   Every great project requires a solid foundation, and computer programming is no exception. If a developer wishes to create a Latin program of mild complexity, that program will need to be able to do things like conjugate a verb or recognize a word that has already been inflected. Our first and primary goal is suppling modules and libraries that can do such things and more. Hopefully, from this foundation developers will be able to create programs that are more complex and more beneficial to the student and scholar.

2. Provide High Quality Tools

   Every Latin student or scholar makes frequent use of tools, ranging from simple lexionaries to complex grammar references. Computers can provide tools which can do more, faster. They can help a student learn the language quicker and better, or aid the scholar in textual research. Advances in human knowledge are made by individuals, and technology can help individuals advance themselves.

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